Assessment Tool

What’s your company’s score on gender equality as well as work-life balance issues?

In the context of the SHARE Project, we invite you to take this self-assessment quiz and find out how the company you work for scores on issues of gender equality and work-life balance. The final score can serve as a starting point to evaluate where your company stands at the moment and also provide a first look into the changes that you can implement, either by participating in the SHARE program and being awarded the Equality Label for Businesses, or acting independently within the company’s own resources.

Every question has 3 possible answers.
Below you can find what each answer indicates.

YES – The company I work for implements all the above in an effective manner.
SOMETIMES - The company I work for implements some of the above. The intention is there, however we need guidance.
NO – The company I work for does not implement any of the above, expect those that are legally binding.

Thank you for taking the quiz!

The company I work for undertakes specific and measurable initiatives, policies and work-life balance measures, implementing and promoting flexible work arrangements, family leave, dependent care benefits, wellness programs, opportunities for a smooth exit transition, as well as for re-entering the workforce after a long absence.

The company I work for actively supports access to childcare services, either by providing free access to childcare facilities or childcare benefits.

The company’s high-ranking executives actively support and encourage their team members to take advantage of all available policies and measures regarding work-life balance, first and foremost by setting the example and actively taking advantage of those themselves.

The company I work for ensures equal pay, equal working hours and equal benefits to all employees for equal work.

The company I work for implements a non-discrimination policy that protects on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, sex, reproductive status, national origin, socio-economic background, ancestry, age, medical condition, sexual orientation, and gender identity and/or expression.

The company I work for prohibits discrimination on the basis of marital or parental status during the hiring and/or promotion process, ensuring the safeguarding of employment, thus allowing temporary work absence due to maternity leave, paternal leave or other care-related responsibilities.

The company I work for provides equal opportunities and access to training and reskilling programs (both certified and informal), regardless of gender and/or marital or parental status.

The company I work for provides career advancement opportunities, which may include either official (i.e. conferences, business trips) or unofficial (i.e. informal meetings with clients) networking opportunities, as well as mentoring programs that are addressed to and include women from all company levels.