This manual was developed in the framework of WP3: “Training Seminars for Company Actors/Monitoring and Evaluation of company initiatives on work life balance for women and men” of the «SHARE» Project. It includes an indicative training programme for company actors in order to promote gender equality initiatives, emphasizing on initiatives that facilitate the reconciliation of work and family / private life.

This manual incorporates an approach based on the principles of gender training, as well as on the main principles of adult education. Although this manual is part of the SHARE Project activities, it was designed in such a way, so that can become a useful tool for the design of other similar training programmes, that however may differ in terms of their specific characteristics (e.g. target groups, duration, etc.) to the SHARE Project training programme. After the completion of this training programme, the trainees are expected to have improved their knowledge on gender issues and to have developed skills that will enable them to take initiatives for gender equality in their workplace.