This report is the methodology for the Gender Equality Label awarding, with a focus on work-life balance, and takes into consideration the feedback of the Consultation Workshops organized by GSFPGE, as defined in the approved project proposal and the Grant Agreement (D2.3, D2.4, D2.5).

It was created in the framework of SHARE’s Work Package 2 and in particular for the Development of the Methodology and the Certification Criteria for the SHARE Gender Equality Label. The Label procedure will provide the basis for the implementation of the relevant national priority set by the recent law (4604/2019) on substantial gender equality, after the Project is over, as it will allow GSFPGE to determine the effectiveness and compatibility of the selected processes with the Greek reality, to identify any gaps between design and practice, so that the awarding of the “Gender Equality Label” will constitute an impactful and effective tool to promote substantial gender equality in the Greek labor market.