Are you interested in the SHARE Equality Label for Businesses?

SHARE is an EU project, implemented by the General Secretariat for Family Policy and Gender Equality, the Equality Research Center and the Women On Top Organization for Women’s Empowerment, and is addressed to small, medium and large enterprises, who wish to be considered for the SHARE Equality Label.

Why should our company participate in the program?

Eligible companies will be offered free training for 1-3 of their executives, focusing on planning for gender equality in the corporate environment, fostering an inclusive organizational culture and implementing practices that promote work-life balance for employees.

Being awarded with the SHARE Equality Label comes with a number of remarkable benefits:

  • Increased employee satisfaction, commitment and productivity.
  • An improved social corporate responsibility profile.
  • An effective employer branding tool, especially attractive to millennial talent and female candidates of all age groups.
  • Pioneer status in your industry for embracing progressive tools and practices that are that are hard to find within the Greek business ecosystem.
  • Access to PR opportunities that highlight good practices in the realm of gender equality and work/life balance.

How to take part

The application procedure for companies wishing to participate in the training and labeling program opens in October 26th 2020. In case applications exceed the number of companies that can be accommodated, participating organisations will be selected on a first come-first served basis. Selected companies will be notified in early 2021 and will be asked to provide SHARE with the contact details of their executives attending the training workshops.

The application form must be submitted by an authorized company representative.

Eligibility & commitment requirements

Participation in the program for eligible companies is completely free. Selected organisations will be asked to appoint 1-3 representatives, who will attend one of the five (5) interactive training workshops to be implemented within the first half of 2021 in Athens and Thessaloniki. The 9-hour workshops will include the following modules: a) tools & practices initiatives for work-life balance (stereotypes, leave schemes, best practices from other countries and companies, etc.) b) gender equality in legislation (salaries, equal treatment, sexual harassment, etc.), c) organizational culture (equitable participation in decision-making, recruitment policies, equality plans, etc.).

Participating companies will then be invited to apply the proposed good practices, in order to develop equality and inclusion plans and initiatives for their employees. After monitoring and evaluating initiatives, the project committee, will select the companies that will be awarded with the SHARE Equality Label

The first SHARE Equality Labels have been awarded and the Project does not currently accept applications from companies and organizations. If you wish to be informed about the next Equality Label cycle, you can subscribe to our mailing list. For more information about the Equality Label Methodology or your future participation, you can contact the project partners, in the emails and phone numbers you will find here.